Re-inauguration of the warship Lajta, procession of ships

Location: Section of Danube between Margaret Bridge and Chain Bridge (spectators are expected to watch from the embankment on the Pest side, in line with the north gate of the Parliament)
Time: 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

The warship Lajta

The monitor Lajta will be re-inaugurated by Szilvia Hende. Ceremonial speeches will be given by Dr. Csaba Hende, Minister of Defense of the Republic of Hungary and Lieutenant General Dr. József Holló, General Director of the Institute and Museum of Military History.

Lajta Monitor Museum Ship, which is a unique technical monument of international importance well-known to historians researching warships, has been renovated by the “Zoltán Gőzös” charitable foundation commissioned by the Institute and Museum of Military History. Additional organisations participating in the reconstruction and the re-inauguration: Hungarian National Navigation Association, Europe Group of Companies, TIT Society for the History of Navigation, Modelling and the Preservation of Traditions and the Imperial and Royal Dunaflottilla Society for the Preservation of Traditions. At the ceremonial re-inauguration the warship will be accompanied by thirty vessels.

A monitor was a type of low body, heavily ironclad warship driven by steam engine, which was equipped with a rotating turret. The first monitor in the world, the USS MONITOR, was built in the United States in 1862. Since this warship design proved to work very well, it has spread all over the world: around 200 monitors were built until 1965, of which only 7 exist today, wholly or partially. One of them is our Lajta. It is unique in that this is the only representative of the version where the steering platform is located on top of the turret. After the ceremonial inauguration the ship will be open to the public.

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